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How to Export Chrome Bookmarks: Of course your bookmarks are valuable for you and you don’t want to lose them at any cost and definitely want to export chrome bookmarks. Everything else like social networks, news sources often change but what remains intact are your bookmarks. They actually portray your browsing history throughout and you want them to access whenever you turn on your computer.
You may be worried about your bookmarks especially when you purchase a new computer/laptop and want to retrieve your bookmarks on the new device or you switch to a new browser. The article will help you understand how to export your chrome bookmarks.

Ways to Export Chrome Bookmarks

1. Export chrome bookmarks using chrome menu

  1. Head to the tab – Bookmarks and then select – Bookmark managerexport chrome bookmarks
  2. You will see three vertical dots on Bookmark menu, just select them to get the 2nd menuhow to export chrome bookmarks
  3. Now select – Export bookmarksexport google chrome bookmarks
  4. Choose a file name under which you want to save all your bookmarks and click Savehow to export google chrome bookmarks


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2. Export chrome bookmarks in USB drive

Yet another option for people who travel frequently or they are into IT can prove to be quite helpful. When you just want to get the bookmarks without installing them then simply load the bookmarks file to a different USB flash drive. You don’t need to have a USB of high storage any size will work as the bookmark file is not a huge file.
The Bookmark file is saved as HTML document. Upon opening the file via USB flash drive, the file will open in the browser you are using on your system
Sync bookmarks to chrome browser


3.  Using Gmail account

For users who won’t mind storing the information on cloud rather than saving it on their system can use this option. You can simply utilize Gmail account to easily sync the information to any of your device where you are using chrome.
• Select the – User icon located right on top right hand corner of your chrome window
• Now click – Sign in to Chromesync chrome bookmarks
Once you sign in to your account you are automatically allowed to sync. So, this makes the things easier for you as whenever you log in to your chrome from any device for example Smartphone etc you will have all your bookmarks available for you.
You can just check the sync as well as privacy options via settings menu

Import Chrome Bookmarks from Saved File

Once you save your bookmarks in a file, you need to know how to make use of it. Based on your requirements a number of options are available. In case you wish to load the bookmarks to a new version of chrome or on a completely new system the entire process will be the same

  • Head to the tab – Bookmarkimport chrome bookmarks
  • Expand to view the Secondary menuhow to import chrome bookmarks
  • Click – Import bookmarksexport chrome bookmarks7
  • Choose the Bookmarks file and then select – Openexport chrome bookmarks8
  • You can now view your bookmarks displayed underneath bookmarks tab present in chrome menu.


The entire process to export chrome bookmarks or import bookmarks is easy and some simple steps can help you keep your bookmarks intact no matter which browser you switch to or purchase a new device.

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