How to Export Outlook Contacts

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How to export outlook contacts: Lots of organizations and individuals have saved contacts in Outlook. Outlook helps you in communicating with any person or client. However, for any purpose, you may need to export Outlook contacts for sending them to a different email client.

MS Outlook is available in a variety of versions. For every version, you can find different types of settings. Thus, you have to go through various steps to export outlook contacts.

4 Ways to Export Outlook Contacts

Your first step is to know whether you need to send MS Outlook contact lists to Gmail, vCards or CSV file.

1. Export outlook contacts to Gmail

It has now become a trend to use Gmail due to its versatile features. While you are moving from one platform (past email client) to another platform, you have to transfer the data. In addition to messages, these contacts always play an important for the email application. Now, have a look at the steps to export contacts from Outlook to Gmail.

  • Go to MS Outlook and open its contacts field
  • Open File menu and then Import and Export
  • Then, click on the option Export to a file and  Hit the button- Next
  • Go to Comma Separated Values and then click on the option- Next
  • Hit the option Contacts, Click on the button- Next
  • Find the button Replace duplicates and then you can click on the option- Browse
  • Go to Desktop option and create the file 
  • Select OK and Finish

Now, enter the URL-

  • Get into the Gmail account
  • Then, select Contacts and Import option
  • Locate the file, saved to Desktop and you can load your contacts


2. Export outlook contacts to vCard

  • Open Outlook contacts
  • Choose the contacts to be transferred as vCard files
  • Go to File Menu- Select Save As
  • Then, choose vCard format for the file, saved to Desktop.


Steps for sending multiple outlook contacts to vCard

  • Open MS Outlook to choose Contacts to be transferred
  • Go to Home tab to choose the option Forward Contact
  • Select the tab- As a Business Card.


Reasons for choosing the vCard for moving Outlook contacts

  • Migrate from a particular Email Client to a different one
  • Choose the format VCF file- Most of the email applications accept this format
  • vCard file has the capacity of storing lots of contacts
  • The presence of several Contacts in one PST file may cause corruption
  • Creating Contact backups in VCF format.


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3. Export outlook contacts to CSV

You may send Outlook contacts to CSV. Then, these contacts are importable to other popular email apps, including Yahoo, Gmail and other Outlook versions.

  • Log in to your account at
  • At the left-hand corner, you can choose the option- People page
  • Go to the toolbar
  •  Choose the option Manage and from there, you can click on Export contacts
  • You can transfer the chosen contacts or all contacts from a folder
  • Select the option Export
  • At the bottom part of the page, you can find the option- In the download folder, it will save contacts.csv

Now you have copied your contacts to the .csv file. Thus, these easy steps will you to send the contacts to CSV.



4. Export outlook contacts to iPhone

With a few clicks, you can make the fast transfer of MS Outlook contacts to the iPhone. You can choose the manual transfer process to control the contacts that you have to move to your iPhone. The proper steps help you in moving the contacts without causing any risk to the device. You can find the full contact list in your iPhone. For instance, you will find phone numbers, contact images, company-related information and email addresses.

  • Go to iCloud and get into iCloud ID account with your password.
  • Copy the default.pst file of Outlook to iCloud
  • Choose iCloud.pst and start the syncing process
  • Update the modifications, done to the list of contacts between Outlook and iPhone
  • Open the primary window of iCloud
  • Then chose Contacts with Outlook
  • Find the option Apply and click on it
  • From Settings of iPhone screen, go to iCloud account
  • Activate the Contacts to make the syncing process successful


Thus, you have to go through these steps to export Outlook contacts to iPhone, CSV, Gmail and vCard.

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