How to install fonts windows 10

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Although Windows 10 comes with a range of stylish fonts, but still you may want something different than the ones that already exists in Windows 10. Thankfully Windows 10 allows you to install fonts of your choice easily. Let us learn how to install them

Once you have your favorite set of fonts already downloaded with you, simply right click and then choose to “Install.”

To make sure that the fonts you chose to install are installed properly, hit Windows key+Q and then type – fonts and press the Enter key on your keyboard. You will be able to see the list of fonts that appear in Font Control Panel. In case you are couldn’t find as there are a plenty of them installed, simply type the name of the font in the given search box to locate it. That’s it. It’s done. Now you can start creating different documents using your favorite and stylish fonts which otherwise weren’t present as default fonts in your Windows 10.

Download your favorite fonts through Microsoft Store

You can also download as well as install Windows 10 fonts via Microsoft Store. There are a number of resources available for you to add some new fonts on your PC.  For instance, the Fonts app helps you customize your replies or posts while posting on social media utilizing a variety of fonts.

You can easily access Fonts app available in Microsoft Store.

Other sources that help download fonts

If you are looking out for some trendy, cool and completely new fonts, you can spend a little more time to browse the internet and search for different sources offering amazing and attractive fonts at no cost. Websites like 1001 Free Fonts and Fontspace contains tons of free and cool fonts.

After you install your favorite fonts, you can easily manage them too. You can easily preview them to check if they are the ones that you like and in case you do not find any of them appealing, you can delete them too.

In order to manage your fonts head to Start- type “fonts” and just double click on the very first search. The fonts window will appear from where you can pick the font that you want to use and manage and click the option that you want to go with.

So, it becomes quite easy to follow a few easy steps and you get all your new and favorite fonts installed on your PC, you are all set to use these fonts for your project or any other assignment. In older versions of Windows it was easy enough to add the new fonts, but ever since Windows 7 was launched, it is super easy and you will find the same in Windows 10 as well with the help of technical preview.

This makes your job easy and you get a lot of font styles that makes your document or presentation look beautiful and impressive. You can now add your favorite fonts from different resources to your Windows 10.

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