How to Install, Delete and Manage Fonts on Windows 10

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Here you will learn how to install fonts in windows 10 and how to manage them:

Calligraphy. A form of art and writing present in the universe for thousands of years. It was done on stones, papers came next, computer screens the last, for now that is.
As the world’s technology faces a large shift to computers, calligraphy is now an art used by graphic designers, writers for magazines, and for program designers. These days in the computer world, the word ‘Font’ is more widely used then calligraphy.

Windows itself comes packed with a lot of fonts, but if you have found a much prettier font or perhaps want to use a font for a different reason, this guide will show you everything you need to know from finding, downloading, installing and deleting fonts on windows 10.

Let’s dive into it.

Although Windows 10 comes with a range of stylish fonts, but still you may want something different than the ones that already exists in Windows 10. Thankfully Windows 10 allows you to install fonts in windows 10 of your choice easily.

Types Of Fonts Supported By windows 10

It must be kept in mind that windows only supports the most commonly used fonts which include but not limited to:

1)  Truetype   (.ttf/.ttc)

These fonts can be scaled to any size while maintaining their readability and clarity.
All printers and output devices supported by windows accept this font.

 2) OpenType (.otf )

This font type is very similar to TrueType fonts, but include a much greater class of the basic character set, which include but are not limited to, old-style numerals, detailed shapes like ligatures and glyph, capitalization of small characters etc.

Of Course, due to their similarity with truetype fonts, they are largely accepted by windows supported output devices or printers.

3) Postscript

If you’ve seen or used this font type, you’ll probably be impressed by the high quality and smoothness these fonts deliver. These qualities were bound to be present, as they are designed by the multinational computer software giant, Adobe systems.

Widely used in books and magazines which require a high-end, quality printing, these fonts can be used anywhere your artistic mind desires.

So where exactly do you download fonts? Have a look below.

Where To Download Fonts For Windows 10

Due to the demand, many beautiful high quality fonts have been designed, and so have companies and websites that sell them or have them listed as free. Here are a few sites which have a tremendous collection of fonts. Some are free. Some are paid.
But all are elegant.

  1. FontSpace – even have a star wars font collection
  2. Microsoft Store
  3. Google Fonts
  5. Typography section of Microsoft
  6. Font squirrel

Note:- DO NOT install 2 or more different types of fonts with the same name. This is because windows will not be able to recognize which font to access when a command is instructed to it. So if you have 2 fonts, 1 which is truetype and one which is a postscript, this will cause an error and the font will be altered.

Note:- Whenever you install a font from a website, please be sure to scan it for viruses or malware. You can use virustotal to scan for viruses for free.

It is advisable to download your font file to a specific folder to keep things neat and easy.

Now that you have scraped through and downloaded the font/fonts you desire, it is time to proceed to the next step, the installation.

Let us learn how to install them

How To Install Fonts in Windows 10

Due to the flexibility of windows, there are several ways, more precisely, 3 ways you can Install fonts in windows 10 by your choice. We’ll guide you through the steps, 1 by 1.

Method 1:

  1. Go to the folder which contains your downloaded font
  2. If your font is in a zip file, right click it, and press ‘extract
  3. Choose The destination at where you want your files to be extracted
  4. A new folder with the same name as the zip file will be created.
  5. Navigate to the folder and find your font file ( usually a .ttf extenstion )
  6. There are 2 routes you can take here
    A. Double click the file to have a look at the preview of the font. Then press ‘Install’ at the menu bar. Congratulations, your font is now installed and ready to be used.

    B. Right click the file, and press install. And just like in step A, you can now access and use your font where your mind desires.

To double check if the Font has been installed. Follow Method 2’s step 2 to open the fonts folder. If your font file exists, then you have successfully installed your preferred font.

Method 2: Drag & Drop method to install fonts in windows 10

*If you have a zip file, follow method 1 from steps 1-4

  1. Open up the folder in which lies your font


We will now be opening the fonts folder. This can be done in several ways.

How to Find the Fonts Folder in Windows 10?

Route 1 :-
– Go to the cortana’s search field and type control panel. ( if you open the control panel frequently, it’s wise to pin it to the taskbar )
– Navigate to ‘appearances and personalization
Click Fonts

Route 2 :-

–  On your keyboard, simultaneously press the windows logo key and the letter ‘Q
– type ‘Fonts’ and click the Fonts folder.

Route 3 :-
– On your keyboard, simultaneously press the windows logo key and the letter ‘R
– Type ‘ shell:fonts ’ and hit enter  

  1. Go to the folder which contains your downloaded font file and Drag the file towards the fonts folder ( Click here to see how )
  2. Your Font has now successfully been Installed.  

That is all for the installation guide.
However, perhaps you no longer love a font you once installed…
Maybe the font doesn’t love you….  

OR maybe it’s just that some fonts are corrupting other of your files or are causing problems in installation of other fonts. In that case, let’s learn how to get rid of these naughty typefaces.

How To Delete Fonts On Windows 10

Deleting a font is quite straightforward and easy. Follow the steps given below to delete fonts in windows 10

  1. Navigate to the fonts folder ( Click here to see how )
  2. Select the font you want to say your farewells to.
  3. A list of options will be outlined above in the menu bar.
  4. Then press the delete button your keyboard or simply right click the font and select delete.

Be careful not to delete any system fonts like Microsoft sans-serif to avoid any errors in your computer experience.

However, let’s say you do indeed delete such a font by accident. Take the following steps to recover it back

How To Restore Default Fonts On Windows 10

  1. Navigate to The fonts folder 
  2. On the menu to the left, press the ‘font settings
  3. Click on the ‘restore default settings’ to get your old fonts back.

Resizing Fonts For Windows 10

You can resize fonts for windows 10 but please do keep in mind this will scale specific windows interface categories like menus, title bars, message boxes, etc, and not specific parts that you’d want to alter. Those can be done when you are in the process of editing documents, spreadsheets etc. Let’s dive into how to resize the fonts shall we?

  1. Go to the Cortana search bar and type ‘display
  2. Select the display settings.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Scale and layout’ section

You will have a list of menus that you can tune for your own liking.

Other Sources That Help Download Fonts

If you are looking out for some trendy, cool and completely new fonts, you can spend a little more time to browse the internet and search for different sources offering amazing and attractive fonts at no cost. Websites like 1001 Free Fonts and Fontspace contains tons of free and cool fonts.

After you install fonts in windows 10, you can easily manage them too. You can easily preview them to check if they are the ones that you like and in case you do not find any of them appealing, you can delete them too.

In order to manage your fonts head to Start- type “fonts” and just double click on the very first search. The fonts window will appear from where you can pick the font that you want to use and manage and click the option that you want to go with.

So, it becomes quite easy to follow a few easy steps and you get all your new and favorite fonts installed on your PC, you are all set to use these fonts for your project or any other assignment. In older versions of Windows it was easy enough to add the new fonts, but ever since Windows 7 was launched, it is super easy and you will find the same in Windows 10 as well with the help of technical preview.

This makes your job easy and you get a lot of font styles that makes your document or presentation look beautiful and impressive. You can now add your favorite fonts from different resources to your Windows 10.

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