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Always on top Windows 10: Almost no Operating System presents you with all useful features. Windows 10 has also missed out one important feature. It does not have automatic capability of locking Windows as the top-layer of desktop. Windows 10 has no built-in feature to keep the window on top all the time. That is why you have to use third-party tools to accomplish the process. While the window is on the top, you may watch a video at the background, while dealing with other works on your PC.

Now, we are going to tell you about the ways for keeping a window on top on your Windows 10.

3 Ways for Always on Top Windows 10

1. Use AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is one of the free tools, enabling you to compose scripts in your own way. You have also an option of plugging in the scripts to develop macros. The one-line script, designed with this tool, helps you in pinning the current window on top. You can do that by pressing some key combinations. You can create lightweight script that does not use high amount of resources or clutter the system. AutoHotkey simplifies the process for compiling the script.

  • Download AutoHotkey and install it
  • Choose a folder in your hard drive for placing the script. You must not delete or move the hard drive.
  • Now, open AutoHotkey and choose Edit Script
  • Copy and paste- ^SPACE:: Winset, Alwaysontop, A
  • Hit the option- Save
  • Choose the option- File. In your AutoHotKey, you can find Reload Script button.


You may use the combination, Ctrl+Space to set an active window to the top. However, while you do not like this combination, there is a way to modify it. You have to replace ^SPACE of your script.

AutoHotkey is very easy to use. Still, some users look for AutoHotkey script as the pre-packaged version. The tech-savvy Windows users may prefer writing the script to control everything.



2. Using DeskPins

Instead of keyboard shortcuts, you can choose mouse to keep your window on top. In this case, the best option to you is DeskPins. DeskPins is one of the free, open source programs, helping you to keep the chosen window on top.

Download Deskpins and install it in your system. It is better to use Windows 10-compatible installer. Then, run the application, Deskpins on your PC. The way in which Deskpins works is different from that of AutoHotkey.

While you have chosen a window to pin it on top layer, you can click on its tray icon. This will convert the pointer into a small pin. Then, you may hit any window for pinning it. On the title bar of the pinned windows, you will find a red pin. It makes easy for you it identify the pinned windows of your PC.

By moving the mouse over a pin, you can remove that pin. The pointer displays a small X letter. It indicates that you are going to unpin the window. For removing all the pins at a time, you have to right click on the tray icon. Then, find the option, Remove All Pins and click on it.



3. Another Option for Windows 10 Users

Always On Top is a small tool, automatically configuring the desktop for keeping a window on top. With Always On Top, there are scripting options for configuring your priority on window. You can download the script file of Always On Top. After unzipping the file, you will see ReadMe file, telling you the details of the program.

When you have unzipped Always On Top file, you can run this application. DI icon indicates that the application, Always On top is running. Now, you can choose the window to be pinned, and select the key combination- Ctrl + Space.

We have presented you with different options for pinning your window on top on your Windows 10 computer. Choose the way that is easiest to you. Make sure that you can use the third-party tool, intended to accomplish the process.

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