How to Play a DVD on Windows 10

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How to play a DVD on windows 10: Using Windows Media Player, it is possible to play your data CDs, audio CDs and data DVDs with video or music files.  Windows media player also helps you play a DVD on windows 10, which are same as your DVDs, with not a good quality video.

In case you own a DVD drive along with a compatible DVD decoder already installed on the PC, the Windows Media Player allows you to play DVD on Windows 10. This is the DVD type used for distribution of movies too. In case you come across an error which says that a DVD decoder is missing then just select – Web Help from the error message dialog box displayed to find out how to get the decoder.


How to play a DVD on Windows 10

  1. Insert your disc that you wish to play into drive. Ideally, after you insert the disc into the drive it starts playing automatically. In case I it doesn’t start playing automatically, then you need to look for that file in Windows Media Player and then find it in Player Library. Now select the name of the disc from the navigation pane.
  2. In case you have inserted DVD, choose the title of the DVD/chapter name.

When you choose to play a DVD/ VCD through Player Library, it automatically shifts to – Now Playing mode.

Note: Blu-ray Disc format: When it comes to Windows Media Player it doesn’t support Blu-ray Disc format. In order to play Blu-ray Disc, you would need to make use of program that is not offered by Microsoft and is compatible with Blu-ray playback or a device which can read Blu-ray Discs.

In case you see a message saying your PC is missing a codec/ you need  a DVD decoder, means you have tried playing, sync or burn a specific file that was earlier compress using a codec that Windows/Player doesn’t support.

Video streaming are in trend but many of us still love to have collection of DVD,. Unfortunately, when you try to play the DVD via Windows Media Player, it may not play your DVD as Windows isn’t compatible with normal DVDs. Still. There is a solution to play the DVDs you like


Play DVD on Windows 10 Using 3rd party DVD players

Many computer manufacturers offer the trial version of a DVD player and in case you wish to continue using it you need to upgrade it to a full version by paying the required amount.


Some good DVD player to play DVD on windows 10

 Don’t worry. There are different options offered by PC manufacturers in multimedia software which helps you play a DVD on windows 10. But, in some instances the products come with their limitations too.

Microsoft launched an Windows DVD Player app for its users and it is absolutely free.

The programs that can play the DVD with less hassles are

You can choose to use these programs or Microsoft’s DVD Player app to play a dvd on windows 10.

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