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Start windows in safe mode: One of the tricky things you must have noticed with Windows is to start your computer into safe mode. Earlier it was it was attained through F8 key but it all changes with introduction of Windows 10 accompanied by its Automatic Repair mode. Now what if we need windows 10 Safe Mode?

Start Windows in safe mode using F8 Key

In case you keep pressing F8 key just rightly at the correct time, Windows may still direct you to a screen that lands you in a recovery environment.  Now from the recovery environment it is possible for you to start your PC into Safe Mode

The problem that you may encounter with some computer manufacturers is that they disable this particular option.  Now on computers that still comprise of this option, Windows startup takes place at a faster speed and you hardly get the time to press the key.

The best thing is that you can easily get into Safe Mode through simple process and here how to do it.

Using Recovery Environment

Many ways that help you reach Safe Mode includes entering into Windows recovery environment. The recovery environment consists of a plenty of options available for troubleshooting and Safe Mode is just among all others.  Now, how to reach in Safe Mode completely depends on the fact that your PC is able to start Windows normally or it cannot.

Advance troubleshooting tool to boot windows in safe mode

After you access advanced troubleshooting tools which can be access by using the following key combinations – Shift+Restart or pressing F8 key continuously else with the help of a recovery drive. You will be diverted to a screen that helps you use troubleshooting tools.

  • Click on the button – Troubleshoot continue.
  • After reaching the screen – Troubleshoot; click the button – Advanced Options
  • Once you view the page – Advanced Options, click the option – Startup Settings.
  • In case of Windows 8 you will find the option named as – “Windows Startup Settings
  • Now at last you will view – “Hidden,” Here just press the button “Restart

You will get to view similar version of – Advanced Boot Options menu. Just press a number similar to startup option which you wish to utilize for example press the key number – “4” for normal safe mode


Note: In case you are having Windows 8, then firstly your computer will restart and later you will be able to view the same option – “Advanced Boot Options” which is common with all the old versions of Windows. With the help of arrow keys you can select the right option for Safe Mode and then press enter to start windows in safe mode

It may be a complicated method to get into Safe Mode in windows 10 and these options weren’t revealed earlier but they still exist and can be very much used to enter the safe mode. You can try these methods or take help from technical expert to accomplish the job.

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