How to Reinstall OneDrive Windows 10

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How to reinstall OneDrive Windows 10: OneDrive is one of the pre-installed Cloud storage features of Windows 10 PC. While you are running your OneDrive application, it automatically helps you in synchronizing your folders or files in the background. However, some users have faced syncing problems with their OneDrive application. In that case, you can uninstall this application and then reinstall OneDrive in your Windows 10. We have now presented you with a brief guide on how to reinstall OneDrive in windows 10 successfully and solve OneDrive issues.

In the older Windows 10 computers, the users need to run OneDriveSetup.exe, present in the directory Windows\SysWOW64. However, now, in modern computers, you can go to Apps & Features Settings, and from there, you can find an option for uninstalling OneDrive. You may also choose Control Panel and then click on the option, Programs and Features. There is a button to uninstall OneDrive.

Now, to reinstall OneDrive windows 10 you may choose any of the three options, presented by us.

3 ways to Reinstall OneDrive on Windows 10

1. Using Command Prompt

When you find it easy to write command lines, you can rely on this method.

  • Go to the Start menu, look for- cmd. Find Command Prompt option, and then right-click on it. Hit the option, Run as administrator.
  • A window for command prompt will come up on your screen

You need to identify the system architecture of your computer. For a 62-bit computer, you have to write the command-


Similarly, for a 32-bit computer, the command line is-


After entering the commands properly, your Operating System will start to install the OneDrive application.


2. Using File Explorer

Although you have uninstalled OneDrive application, the installation file is still present in the root directory of the system. It helps you in reinstalling the application at any time. However, you may need time for finding this file.

Go to File Explorer and click on the icon of the taskbar to open it or. The key combination “Win+E” also opens File Explorer.

Find address bar and then paste the command-

%systemroot%\SysWOW64\ (64-bit computer)

%systemroot%\System32\ (32-bit computer)

Find the file OneDriveSetup.exe, and you need to double click on it. After opening this file, your Windows OS installs the application, OneDrive. You need to follow the instructions, shown on the screen, to make the installation successful.


3. Reinstall OneDrive Using PowerShell

PowerShell is another option for you for reinstalling OneDrive in windows 10. Use the key combinations “Win+X” and it will open PowerShell. Choose the option, Windows PowerShell. In this method also, you have to write commands-

%systemroot%\System32\OneDriveSetup.exe – 32-bit computer

%systemroot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe – 64-bit computer

Thus, you may now uninstall and reinstall OneDrive on your computer. The modern version for the OneDrive app is also downloadable from Microsoft Store. The reinstallation process would help you to remove the issues faced with the app.

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