How to Remove Password from PDF

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How to Remove password from PDF: You may find some PDFs that are protected with passwords. It means you will have to key in the password each time you wish to open the file and view it. You can easily take off the password to help yourself save time in case you are saving the PDF at a secure destination.

This article will allow you to explore the methods that can you remove password from PDF and it works for all Operating systems. These methods assume that the password is known to the PDF encrypted document.

Ways to Remove Password From PDF

1. Remove password from pdf using Browser

This method is simple yet works efficiently and allows you to eliminate the password from the PDF file after opening it and print it to a fresh PDF. In this method the system will make a replica of your PDF file which will exclude the password.

This method works only for PDF files with no restrictions for printing. Well, a lot of PDF files are simply secured with password to offer encryption which can be further printed upon entering the password.

I. Remove PDF password in Chrome browser

For users of Chrome on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS or mac OS they can do it using their browser.

  • Open PDF file in Chrome and enter the password
  • Click the button -“Print” you can see on PDF toolbar while you are on the password-protected file.
  • Click the button – “Change” below Destination. Now, choose to – “Save as PDF”.
  • Click -“Save” and you get the prompt to enter a name & location for newly created PDF.

The new PDF will show the exactly similar content as you could see in your original PDF, also it will not be protected with a password any more.

This method is suitable for Chrome browser users using any OS, but can be used for multiple PDF printers or applications. In Windows 10, you can for Microsoft Edge/other PDF viewer available in Windows.

II. Remove password from PDF in Edge browser

For instance, expand the PDF file which is password protected in your Microsoft Edge browser and enter the password to see the file.

  • Now, click the button- “Print” seen on PDF viewer toolbar.
  • Choose the option- “Microsoft Print to PDF
  • Click on- Print. Here you will be prompted to select the name & location for the new PDF file.

You can also implement this trick in any of the PDF viewer present in Windows 10. You should choose – “Microsoft Print to PDF”. In the Windows older versions you will need to use a 3rd party PDF printer prior to using the trick.

2. Remove PDF password in Mac

This method can also be used in other OS like a MAC; you can just do it using Preview/PDF viewer/in-built utility for PDF printing.

  • Open your file which is password protected in Preview and enter password.
  • Click – FilePrint to expand print dialog.
  • Click the menu button for PDF located right underneath print dialog and choose – “Save as PDF”.
  • Now enter the file name & location for the new PDF when asked.
  • You can see exactly similar text in the new PDF file as in original one but without any password.


3. Remove password Using 3rd party software Adobe Acrobat Pro

In case you don’t want to remove password from pdf using any browser, Adobe Acrobat Pro is the best option. This is the paid application of Adobe but you can get it’s free trial here. Just downlaod the Adobe Acrobat Pro from it’s official site and follow the steps given below

  1. Open password protected file with Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. It will ask for password. Enter the password
  3. Click the lock icon
  4. Click on Permission details
  5. Click the Security tab and then Security Method
  6. Now choose No security from Drop down box
  7. Now click on Save button and Yes on popup messgae

Now the password of PDF file is removed.

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The above all methods will help you eliminate the password from your PDF file and view the text hidden in the file easily. You will not miss out on any of the text.

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