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Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool: Memory Diagnostics is an inbuilt tool in Windows operating system by which we can check for any memory problems in the device. We can also check the RAM (Random Access Memory) on a computer easily with this windows memory diagnostic tool. Windows memory diagnostic tool is available on Windows 10, 8 and 7.

Let’s learn the simple way to open Windows Memory Diagnostic tool in Windows 10.

Five Ways to Open Windows Memory Diagnostic in Windows 10

1. By Searching

Step 1- From the Search Box on the Desktop, just type “Memory

Step 2- Select ‘windows memory diagnostic

open windows memory diagnostic


2. Through Run command

Step 1- Open Run by using keys Windows+R

Step 2-  Type mdsched and click OK

Step 3- Select the option “Restart now and check for the problems” or “Check for problems the next time i start my computer

memory diagnostic tool windows 10


3. Using Control Panel

Step 1- Open Control Panel

Step 2- Enter “Memory in the top-right box

Step 3- Select ‘Diagnose your Computer’s memory problems” and click on it

open windows memory diagnostic using control panel


4. Find Windows Memory Diagnostic Via Command Prompt

Step 1- Open the Command prompt by typing “cmd” in the search box on the Desktop

Step 2- Enter mdsched and then press Enter

Step 3- Now select the option “Restart now and check for the problems” or “Check for problems the next time I start my computer

open windows memory diagnostic tool


5. By Windows PowerShell

Step 1- Go to Start menu search box and type “powershell” and then click on the Windows PowerShell desktop app

Step 2- Enter mdsched.exe and then press the Enter key

windows memory diagnostic in windows 10


Note: If your PC/laptop is crashing due to failing memory, the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool will automatically detect the same and asks the user to create a scheduled memory test, which happens during the subsequent restart. It is advisable to run the memory test in such cases to determine any memory related issues.

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