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how to restart chrome

Reset Chrome

Reset Chrome: Out of the popular browsers available Chrome is believed to be one of the best browsers that most users rely on for flawless browsing experience. It has a… Read more »

how to refresh firefox

Reset Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser and encounter things like the unwanted toolbar has appeared and the home page appearance has completely changed without you changing it or the… Read more »

delete google search history

Delete Google search history

Learn how to delete google search history: Gradually, many people are getting more conscious about the security of their personal information shared online. Many consumers are looking forward to limit… Read more »

chrome password manager

Chrome password manager

We all love to use features like auto-fill or chrome password manager which is built-in features in many web browsers like Google Chrome or we may rely on third party… Read more »

chrome settings

Chrome settings

Every browser comes with a bunch of default settings that many users either ignore or aren’t aware about them. It allows other third party agents to track your online data…. Read more »

google chrome export bookmarks

Export chrome bookmarks

Of course your bookmarks are valuable for you and you don’t want to lose them at any cost and definitely want to export chrome bookmarks. Everything else like social networks,… Read more »

google chrome extention settings

Chrome extensions settings

You can customize your Google Chrome browser with the help of web extensions. The new functions and features included in Chrome browser will help you manage the chrome extensions settings… Read more »