How to Setup Fingerprint in Windows 10

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How to Setup Fingerprint Windows 10: For those who are looking to add an extra layer of security, the Windows Hello fingerprint is just the right option to go for. Windows Hello is such a feature that will allow the use of a PIN and biometric authentication to log in to your system. Please note that in order to use fingerprint in Windows 10, your machine has to have a fingerprint reader.

A lot of us might not be aware of this feature, but Windows 10 does allow the features of biometric and PIN authentication. Thus, you can forget the traditional ways of logging into your computer by remembering complicated passwords. In this article, we are going to share the details on how to enable and set up fingerprint Windows 10.


How to Enable Fingerprint using Windows Hello on Windows 10

  1. First, navigate to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options from the left pane. You can access Settings app by just typing “settings” in the windows search bar.
  2. Under Windows Hello, you can click on the Set upsetup fingerprint windows 10
  3. Type in your existing password to gain access.
  4. The next step is to click on the Get started button and then click on “confirm your account password“.
    enable fingerprint windows 10
  5. Now, you need to touch the fingerprint sensor on your system and perform this action numerous times from different angles. You can set up multiple finger options. It is better to have two or three fingers as your Windows Hello fingerprint sign in.
    add finger print windows 10
  6. Once it is done, you can then lock the device by using Windows+L keys and then try using the fingerprint sensor to unlock the device. Your device should unlock now.

You can rest assured that the information that you put into Windows Hello, including the fingerprint, face recognition, iris scan, and PIN is safe and secure. The information is never transmitted or leaked by Microsoft.



How to disable Fingerprint in Windows 10

Just follow the steps outlined below to disable and stop using fingerprint to log in to Windows.

  1. Once again navigate to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options.
  2. Under the Windows Hello section, there is a Remove button you have to select.
    remove fingerprint windows 10

Once you have removed the fingerprint authentication, you can then go back to sign in with your password again.

If you have already set up Windows Hello, then you need to remove the configurations and disable Windows Hello feature completely. This guide is based on how to enable Windows Hello feature, but with these instructions, you can also set up Windows Hello face pin as well.


Windows Hello Compatible Hardware

Speaking of Windows Hello feature, you need to know that this is not available with all devices. There are only select devices that come with compatible hardware such as fingerprint scanner and face recognition.

If you are looking to sign in to your device with Windows Hello, then you can opt for Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Surface Go, Surface Laptop 2, Dell Alienware editions, HP EliteBook Folio, Dell Latitude 3480 and more.

On the other hand, if you are already using a desktop, then you won’t have to spend a lot of money because Microsoft’s keyboards come with an in-built fingerprint sensor. There are also select webcams and fingerprint readers from brands available to use such as Logitech.


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