How to Turn OFF Gmail 2 Step Verification

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Turn off gmail 2 step verification: Gmail is certainly the most preferred email service from Google and creating a new account in Google means protecting your data 100%.

In order to secure your Gmail account, Google certainly takes necessary steps that gains trusts of many users. The moment you create your new account with Gmail, it will ask you to enable the 2 step verification process.

The 2 step verification process is not just about entering your username and password to enter your account. But, it asks you additional informational that works towards verifying your identity.

In case you provide your phone number, you will receive a verification code of 6 digits from Google to the phone number provided. Once you enter that code, you get access to your Gmail account. Users can also opt to provide alternative email address.

If you think this process is time consuming as you have done it a couple of times and do not wish to do it again then you can sign in to your Gmail account and turn OFF the setting for 2-step verification. Are you wondering if that is possible, then we would say yes it is! The process to disable this process differs with the device you have.

Gmail 2 Steps Verification

Why 2 step verification in Gmail is important

You may find it easy to avoid the disable the 2-factor verification process in Gmail as it would save your time, but just think about why it is incorporated by Google

Google has set up this process because it understands that a user himself/herself can access its account easily but on the other hand it also becomes equally simple for others to access your account. When your Gmail account is not protected with 2-factor verification, you actually invite the hackers to dig out your password quickly and easily which enables them to enter your account.

When the 2 step verification is enabled on your device, the chances of hackers accessing your account almost become nil. The entire process of hacking becomes complex for them.


How to turn off Gmail 2 step verification

Now that you know the importance of 2-step verification setting in Gmail, let us understand how to turn OFF gmail 2 step verification in case you wish to

I. Turn off Gmail 2 step verification on Desktop

  • If using a PC, open your Google Account
  • Got to the – Security section, choose- 2-Step Verification. You will be requested to log in to your account
  • Choose – Turn OFF. It will prompt you to verify your preference.

II. Turn off 2 steps verification on Android Devices

  • Open –Settings App on device. Go to – Google–Google Account. Here just tap –Security
  • Here you can see the area named as -“2-Step Verification” it will request you to sign in to the Google account. Now, you can see the button that says – Turn off” and then confirm to turn it off by tapping it
  • After that just delete all back backup codes saved to sign in to your account.

III. For – Apple (iOS) devices like – iPhone/iPad

For the Apple iOS device like – iPhone/iPad, if you wish to turn off 2-Step Verification for Gmail App here are the steps to follow

  • Tap on menu icon and go to – Settings–your account–Manage Google Account.
  • Right at the top of the same page you can find – Security, just tap it and move on to the section – Signing in to Google so that you can press –2-Step Verification. Here you will be requested to sign in.
  • Now, tap – Turn off. After doing that a window asking you to confirm the Turn OFF function will appear.
  • Do not miss out on erasing the backup codes used to log in to your account previously.


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Post turning off 2 step verification

Once you turn off Gmail 2 step verification in, you may encounter some problems with the 3rd party that were linked to your Google account. This issue can be sorted out by logging again using your password.

The above methods will help you easily turn off the 2 step verification process irrespective of the device you are using, but it is always recommended not to avoid this verification process to secure your account. It will not allow entering your account.

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