Touchpad not Working Windows 10

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Fix Touchpad not Working Windows 10 Issue: The touch pad of your laptop can stop working suddenly which is a rare issue but can occur during a software update. The major possibility is where the new laptop’s touch pad seems skittish, finicky or shows unusual form wherein it doesn’t identify taps, swipes, pinches and clicks. It may start performing exactly opposite of what you are expecting. In this article you will get to know how to fix when Touchpad not working windows 10.


How to Fix Touchpad not Working Windows 10

1. Resolve the skittish touchpad

Your touchpad can act skittish for example it can move too slow or too fast. Or it can feel very sensitive, carrying out spook clicks/gestures. On the other hand you may feel it is not very sensitive forcing you to repeat things. The best part about Windows 10 is that it comes with a series of settings that helps you modify the actions of your touchpad based on it swipes, taps and clicks.

Here is how you can do it

  • Set the cursor speed
  • Click on – Mouse properties
  • Click the tab– Pointers options
  • Fiddle around with the slider to select the pointer speed using – Select a pointer speed option and set the right speed you want to work with.
  • You can also change the speed of double click by making it slow.
  • You can find the setting slider for modifying double click speed on the tab – Buttons


2. Update drivers to fix touchpad not working windows 10

You can check and update your drivers, if that is the reason for your touchpad not working fine. To do so, look for – Device manager and then open it

  • Head to – Mice and other pointing devices and identify your touchpad
  • Right click on the touchpad you are using and then click on – Update driver software
  • The laptop will automatically check internet driver software being updated and update if not done.


3. Bring back your touch pad to action

In case the laptop you are using doesn’t have a touch screen monitor then you can make use of mouse to fix issue touchapd not working windows 10. You can either use your mouse or touch screen to do the following

  • Open – Settings
  • Head to – DevicesMouse and touchpad
  • Scroll down to reach the bottom of your screen
  • Click – Additional mouse options
  • You will now see the following window open – Mouse Properties
  • Click on the tab that shows your touchpad from the list
  • In case you can’t find the tab the search for the tab that says – Device settings or ELAN where you can find your touch pad shown under devices.
  • Now click your touchpad and select the same and then click – Enable

These are some easy methods you can try to resolve different issues related with the touch pad notworking windows 10. You can modify the settings and change how the touch pad works and bring it back to normal functioning.

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You need to follow the steps carefully so that you can change the settings accordingly to fix windows 10 touchapd.

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